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Published: Friday April 24, 2009 MYT 8:10:00 PM
Updated: Friday April 24, 2009 MYT 8:13:30 PM

‘We won’t lose money in Camry auction’, says Perak MB

IPOH: The Perak government will not be making any loss in auctioning off the Toyota Camry cars at a lower price than paid by the Pakatan Rakyat administration.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir said the state had set a reserve price of RM148,000, some RM10,000 lower than the price paid by Pakatan, but bidders were already offering a higher amount.

“If the bid price is higher, we will already have made money,” he told reporters after opening the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia roadshow here Friday.

On the statement by former Pakatan exco member Nga Kor Ming that the Camry cars should not have been auctioned off pending the disposal of a court case by former mentri besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin challenging Dr Zambry’s appointment, Dr Zambry said:

“I am carrying out my responsibility as the mentri besar. It is usual of him. Whatever things I say would not be good.”

On whether the state would get new cars to replace the 16 Camry cars, Dr Zambry said the state was contemplating it.

“But at this stage, we will use whatever cars we are using now,” he said, adding that he had instructed the State Financial Officer to discuss with Proton on the service aspect, which was a major complaint.

On whether the auction would draw the people’s ire, Dr Zambry said the rakyat had a right to be angry if the state did not sell off the Camry cars but spent money to buy other cars. “Now we are putting the cars on sale in the market,” he said.

Asked why the Barisan Nasional administration did not continue using the Camry cars, Dr Zambry said it was the state government’s stand to use only national cars.

On Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in his blog, blaming Barisan’s loss in the recent Bukit Gantang by-election to too many portraits of the candidate Ismail Safian and the Mentri Besar, Dr Zambry said there were other aspects.

He noted that there was strong support for Barisan from a certain race but less so from other races.

Akal, Mata dan Hati:-
Harga kereta terpakai lagi mahal dari kereta baru? Wah undang - undang baru di Perak ni. Boleh jual kereta 2nd hand di sana. Untung besar ni. Lawak gak MB Perak ni. Boleh masuk raja lawak. hehehehe... dah ada yang elok, masih lagi nak pakai yabg lama walaupun dah tau akibatnya. Ini bukan nak untungkan rakyat tp terbalik kesnya. MB pakar ekonomi agaknya. Jangan ego MB...

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